Carlson Toy Library

These rules have been designed to facilitate the smooth running of the Toy Library and so that everyone can enjoy the wide range of toys which the Toy Library has available. At all times the Committee is responsible for the efficient running of the library and will notify members of any changes to the rules. Please take the time to read through these rules.  If you have any questions, please talk to the Toy Librarian or a Toy Library Committee member. 

Rostered Duties

  • Fully rostered and partly rostered members (except Special Needs and non-duty members) are required to participate in a roster to help with the day-to-day running of the Toy Library. Members will be reminded of forthcoming duties by email before a rostered duty.
  • You can sign up for the roster either through the online Mibase portal, or in person at the Toy Library.
  • Members will arrive 5 minutes prior to the Library opening when performing a rostered duty. The duties are primarily checking and counting toys that are returned. Operating the computer and issuing toys are the responsibility of the Toy Librarian.
  • If a member is unable to perform a rostered duty, they should arrange their own replacement and inform the Toy Librarian as soon as possible. If they are unable to arrange a replacement, they must inform the Toy Librarian immediately so that she may attempt to find a replacement. Non-attendance without notification will result in a $10 duty fine.
  • If a fully rostered member decides partway through the year that they will be unable to complete their number of duties, they are able to switch to a partly rostered membership by paying the $60 difference. If a partly rostered member decides partway through the year that they will be unable to complete their duty, they are also able to switch to a non-duty membership by paying the $35 difference.
  • If at the end of the year a fully rostered member has not completed their three duties but wishes to remain a member, they must pay the difference of $60 between fully rostered and partly rostered memberships. This also applies to a partly rostered member who has not completed their one duty but wishes to remain a member, they must pay the difference of $35 between partly rostered and non-duty memberships.

 Borrowing of Toys 

  • Toys are taken out at your own risk. Annual fees do not cover loss or damage to toys or containers.
  • All toys must be returned clean, dry and in a condition to be immediately lent out. Puppets are to be spot cleaned and dress-ups hand washed. Should dirty toys be returned they will be re-issued and you will not be allowed to borrow any more items until the dirty toys have been cleaned.
  • Each family may borrow a maximum of six toys.
  • Each family will receive an issuing receipt listing the toys borrowed and the date they are to be returned. Please produce this when toys are returned to facilitate the checking of toy returns.
  • Toys over approximately $100 in value are an additional $2 each. This is marked on the relevant toy.
  • It is the responsibility of borrowers to check that all toys/puzzles are complete before leaving the Toy Library, or as soon as they get home. The borrower must email or phone the Librarian immediately if a toy or puzzle is incomplete. Should you return a toy or puzzle at the end of two weeks claiming that a piece was never there you will be held responsible for the loss.
  • You can email and renew toys for an additional two weeks and avoid incurring overdue fines. You cannot renew toys which have been reserved by another member. You will be asked to return reserved toys at the earliest opportunity and will incur any overdue fines until they are returned.
  • A borrower who has any toy overdue more than one week will be charged a fine of $1 per toy per week. $2 toys will be charged at $2 per week overdue.
  • Toys may be reserved by emailing the librarian or placing a hold online (see Online Database Guide below) at $1 per toy.
  • If a toy or puzzle piece is broken a minimum fine of $5 will be charged. This will be credited if the lost piece is found and returned.
  • Any borrower who returns a toy in such condition that it is unable to be used shall be asked to pay a replacement fee. The Committee will determine such fee.
  • Please do not leave toys outdoors overnight.
  • No toys will be issued to members while there are overdue toys, fines or fees with a balance greater than $10.00 outstanding.
  • The Committee will review the borrowing, overdue and lost piece fee annually.

Termination of Membership

Membership will be terminated under the following circumstances:

  1. Any member who has not paid the full annual subscription within one month of the due date
  2. Any rostered member who has not completed their required duties by the end of their financial year.

Members will not however, be released from any unpaid fines or fees. Membership refunds will not be granted for partly used membership.